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Contact, Membership and Billing information:
To use our "Contact Us" tools, first Log In to the site.
The Contact Us tools are listed in the order that will get you the fastest reply:
Fastest Reply - Contact Us Form
Go on the Sugar Daddy site to the 'Contact' link. Fill in your information and select a category from the drop down menu. Type your question or comment into the 'Feedback' area and click 'Submit'. Your question will be replied to within 24 hrs. Usually less.
Other contact methods -
Email Addresscs@sugardaddyforme.com
Telephone Number (866) 920-9610
You can cancel at any time by simply sending an email to cs@sugardaddyforme.com, make sure to include your Log In name or email address that you used to register or we will not be able to find your account to cancel it.

You can also simply Log In to the site, go to the Contact page. Click the appropriate link which is Credit Card/Debit Card Cancellation Request. Fill in the form with your information. Please make sure you are logged in to the site, then enter your cancel reason in the feedback area and click SUBMIT.

eCheck Cancellation - use this link ONLY if you paid using your CHECKING ACCOUNT. If you paid with a credit or debit card, use the Cedit/Debit Card link above.
SugarDaddyForMe.com offers the following membership options:

Membership Type Cost
Gold Membership: $50.90 per month
Gold Membership + Total Access: Allow All Standard Members to Contact Me $65.85 per month
Silver Membership: $45.90 per month
Silver Membership + Total Access: Allow All Standard Members to Contact Me $60.85 per month

*Standard Member = non paying members

You can join our sugar daddy-sugar baby community with a credit card, an on-line check, or money order.

  • Profile highlighted in search results
  • Faster profile approvals
  • Profile displayed above other profiles in search results
  • Your email message will be highlighted in the recipient's box
  • Receive weekly matches directly in your regular email
  • Store an unlimited number of emails in your inbox - no storage limits
  • Instant Messanger(IM) includes history viewer feature
If you joined by credit card, your credit card statement or bank statement will NOT say SugarDaddyForMe or anything about dating in general or sugar daddy dating. The charges will be from SCbills.com, or RGhelp.com or something similar.
If you joined by on-line check, you will be billed from "WTS 800-975-3534"

The Sugar Daddy adult dating service will not be explicitly written on your statement.

Please see WTS's website Here
Absolutely. All data is saved in our database behind a secure network and all e-com data is encrypted.
Sugar Daddy adult dating web site Operation and Navigation Questions:
Click on Log In. Enter your Username and Password. If you forgot your password or need help logging in, you can call customer service at (866) 920-9610, email us at cs@sugardaddyforme.com or contact us through our online Sugar Daddy Contact page.
To log in you must have 'cookies' enabled.
If you enter the wrong username and password too many times, the system will not allow you to try anymore. If this happens, please wait 2 hours before trying to log in again.
If you want to remove someone from your Favorites, start at your Sugar Daddy Members Home page. Under Your Favorites click on the All button. There you will see every sugar daddy and sugar baby you have added to your Favorites. Click on the box over the Red Heart to select the user you want to delete. Then click on 'Delete Marked Records'.
You can only block users that have contacted you. On the users profile page below Your Activity Block, click on Block (username) from IM/Messages/Kiss you.
Our top dating site in US offers something no one else offers; we call it "Total Access". You can have a Gold membership with Total Access or a Silver membership with Total Access.

Total Access allows you to contact ALL sugar daddy and sugar baby members, and for ALL members to contact you regardless of their membership level.

So the `hotty` that says on her profile that she can't read mail...
Wrong, - yes she can!

With Total Access everyone can read your messages and reply to your messages while they can't do it with anyone without Total Access.
If you are having trouble uploading your photos, please be aware of the following limitations. We only accept JPEG, GIF and PNG file types. There are no limits on an image's dimensions (width and height), however the file size can be no larger than 350k. The file name can only contain letters and numbers; no spaces or other characters allowed.

Following these specifications, you should be able to upload your pictures with no problem. If you are still having trouble, please send an email to customer service or contact us at (866) 920-9610 .

While we do not offer an iPhone application in the iTune App store, we did many tests to make sure you can visit our site with the iPhone built in Safari Brower. To learn more and see a few screen shoots, click here.
Questions About The Profile Page:
Only you can suspend your profile if your profile is approved and in good standing. Log in to our sugar daddy dating site. Go to `Members Home` then to `Your Profile and Information Block` and click on `Suspend`. You can re-activate your sugar daddy or sugar baby profile at any time by clicking on the `Re-Activate` button where the `Suspend` button used to be.
Your profile may fail approval if we find it to be unacceptable for a variety of reasons. If you include any sort of private or alternative contact information about yourself, we will delete the contact information and we may not approve your profile. Please remember that anyone browsing the site can read your profile, therefore, your profile may fail approval for vulgar or offensive language. We advise you to stay within the accepted adult dating site parameters by posting information about yourself and what you`re looking for so we can approve your sugar daddy or sugar baby profile.
In such cases where you ignore multiple profile approval failures or our attempts to edit out information that is not allowed, we may be forced to delete your sugar daddy or sugar baby profile or set it as `not approved` and not allow any further editing.
Photo Questions:
First Log In and go to the Members Home page. In the "Your Profile and Information" block, click on 'Upload Images' then click "Browse" to find the image you want to upload to your profile on your computer. Click 'Upload New Image'. PLEASE NOTE: The image in your number 1 position will always be visible to all of our adult dating website users. Please make sure this image is appropriate for all sugar daddies and sugar babies to view (or we will have to do it for you). If the image is not appropriate for all users, you must upload a photo that is acceptable for everyone to see, then choose either "Private" or 'Paid Members Only' to make your uploaded photos visible to only those you choose to view them. Do not include any contact information in the description of your photo or we will be forced to delete the contact information. If you place contact information on your photo, we will delete it. You can upload as many images as you like.
When you have uploaded your images, you have the option to set all of them (except for the one in the first position) as 'Private' or for 'Paid Members Only'. Marking your image as private will require that other users enter a password given to them by you to see the image. Images marked for 'Paid Members Only' are viewable by all paid members.
You can upload an unlimited amount of images on our top website for dating.

The image in your number 1 spot will always be visible to all users. Please make sure this image is appropriate for all sugar daddies and sugar babies. If the image is not appropriate for all users, you must mark the images for 'Paid Members Only' or "Private". Do not include any contact information in the description or we will be forced to remove the contact information.

Please note: All photos with minor children in them MUST be made Private. If they are not, a staff member will either make them private for you, or remove the photo from the adult dating site.
We understand that although you may be extremely proud of your anatomy and would like to share images of it with the other sugar daddies and sugar babies of our adult dating site, you agreed not to do so on SugarDaddyForMe.com per the Terms and Conditions when you signed up for our website for dating. We will remove all images we deem unfit.
Any further attempts to upload the inappropriate images again will force us to remove you from our top dating site fully - and you will forfeit any monies you have paid for your membership.
Warnings and Consequences:
What will happen if I decide to advertise my services (eg: escort, dating services, avon sales etc.) on here?
We PROHIBIT anyone from using this service to promote any illegal activities such as prostitution, sex trafficking, escort services or illicit commercial activities of any kind ("illegal activity"). This dating site is only for consenting adults to find companionship. If illegal activity is included in a profile or in messages on the website, we will, among other things terminate and remove the profile and ban you permanently from this site. Any communications on the site related to an illegal activity, such as promoting sex trafficking or the exchange of sex for money, will result in immediate cancellation of membership. We have a zero tolerance policy for illegal activity and we will fully co-operate with all law enforcement agencies in order to keep this site a safe, clean and enjoyable dating site for our members. All persons on this website are required to be 18 years of age or older and may not use the site to promote any commercial purpose.
Several users you contacted reported your communications as spam. Additionally, the ratio of messages reported as spam to the number of messages you sent out was too high. To rectify this situation, we suggest that you change the content of your messages so they are less likely to be misconstrued as spam by other sugar daddies or sugar babies.
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